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While technological advances are creating new prospects, these remain elusive for many.

We recognize the urgent need to provide alternative pathways for high school students not pursuing college.  And are committed to support transitioning service members and veterans, formerly incarcerated individuals, and adults from underserved communities seeking to develop new skills. 

Schoolboy Using Tablet
Robotics Engineers

Workforce Events & Awareness Pop-Ups

Increase awareness of Broadband Industry careers and engage with students from an early age to position this field as a viable and attractive career path.  Pop-Up “Institutes” are established in Community Centers, Middle and High Schools,  and Junior Achievement Centers.  Interactive activities are provided to students.

Mobile Roadshow & Classroom on Wheels

A classroom on wheels equipped with a wireless technology-focused center, that brings hands-on experiences directly to schools and community events, showcasing the latest in broadband technology and related careers.  Students will interact with a live cell site, mock cell tower, fiber splicing demonstrations, plus more.

Innovation & Training Centers

A brick-and-mortar facility providing comprehensive instructor-led hands-on training, access to virtual skills training, certification preparation and testing center, career coaching, and job placement services.  Centers are community focused and will also include coworking space, event space, and meeting space options. 

Brad Cole

Co-Founder, Broadband Institute

“As digital technology revolutionizes the economy, individuals at all career stages will need to acquire new skills – and they’ll need a place to do it. We are excited to create world-class place-based programs that will transform entire communities.”

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