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Creating opportunities to learn new skills & discover career pathways

A community engagement initiative that equips military veterans and young adults from underserved communities with essential skills and career pathways in the digital economy.

Talent is in every community, but opportunities are not.

The Broadband Institute is creating place-based programs for individuals to learn technology-oriented skills and discover new pathways.  


Bridging the Digital Divide

As the digital landscape reshapes our economy, countless new career opportunities have been created.  Unfortunately, for many, they remain out of reach.

Access to world-class training, high speed broadband, and connected devices are foundational for individuals to master new skills and obtain industry certifications.  Without them, qualified talent is left behind and employers will struggle with a lack of skilled labor.

youth learning career pathways

We are on a mission to launch groundbreaking engagement and learning opportunities that do more than educate — programs that transform communities, opening new pathways to innovation and opportunity.

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Our Mission

The Broadband Institute is dedicated to empowering communities through access to advanced workforce training in the broadband sector. Our mission is to close the digital divide by providing inclusive career opportunities, enhancing industry awareness, and promoting technological innovation.

The Playbook

The Broadband Institute Playbook is designed to provide a comprehensive, turn-key framework for establishing and operating broadband training centers across the United States.


This playbook aims to guide states, municipalities, educational institutions, and other stakeholders in creating sustainable and impactful training programs that address the critical need for skilled workers in the broadband industry.


Advances in technology are creating new opportunities – yet these opportunities often remain inaccessible to many.


The Broadband Institute partners with local schools and community centers to stand-up industry awareness pop-ups to promote digital-related careers early in education.


A Mobile Classroom serves as a dynamic mobile showcase designed to illuminate the vast career opportunities within the broadband industry.

State-of-the-Art educational unit provides engaging learning experiences to students and young adults at high schools. 


Access to world-class training, high speed broadband, and connected devices are foundational for high-quality educational experiences.

We equip facilities with advanced connectivity and modern instructional tools and curriculum to drive impactful learning experiences.

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