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About Us


The Broadband Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization is a pioneering force championing inclusive access to sustainable career opportunities in the broadband industry.

Our mission is to launch groundbreaking engagement and learning opportunities that do more than educate — programs that transform communities, opening new pathways to innovation and opportunity.

Helping Hands

Eric Rozencwaig

Co-Founder, Broadband Institute

“At the Broadband Institute, we uphold the belief that while potential is universal, access should be inclusive – extending to every person and every community.

That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring that individuals have opportunities to develop the skills needed to thrive in our digital economy.”

Human-Robot Friendship


The Broadband Institute is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between public, private and non-profit entities to realize the goal of expanding broadband access and adoption.  Our team combines deep industry expertise with strong connections across key stakeholders.

Advisory Board

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